Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sam OliverSam Oliver
Passed first time with only 4 df's!
I looked forward to every lesson and thoroughly enjoyed being behind the wheel. I really liked using the LDC workbook to keep track of my progress, it also helped at home to give me a chance to revise before lessons. The lessons went at a good pace, with a variety of things to do in each. Every lesson was clearly planned with aims and goals. I felt familiar with all of the local area and felt confident with the different routes come test day.

Fian MinternFian Mintern
An afternoon pass!
Very lovely and always calm, so mistakes feel easier to fix. She's very kind about what went wrong. Glad I've passed but will miss my lessons with Jenny!

Declan HoskinsDeclan Hoskins
First time pass with only 3 df's
Patient, motivating, precise and safe. I have had confidence in Jenny from lesson one!

Maia WoolrichMaia Woolrich
First time pass with only 4 df's!
"The most loveliest and patient instructor. Thank you so much :)" Maia managed to learn how to drive independently over a matter of weeks, doing multiple lessons per week, to get her driving licence required for a potential job. She was a pleasure to teach and she should be very proud of herself for accomplishing so much in such a short space of time!

Erin ToogoodErin Toogood
First time pass with 4 dfs!
Jenny was super helpful throughout lessons and helped improve my confidence. I liked the LDC workbook, especially the practical test help at the end.

Conor GibbConor Gibb
First time pass with 4 dfs!
Thank you so much for being my instructor. Every lesson was well planned and structured. You were very friendly and made me feel relaxed in the car when I first started. The LDC workbook was very useful for me when I wanted to look over stuff in my own time. You were very understanding of my timetable and late changes that I needed to make. Again, thank you so much! Have a good new year.

Alasdair DawsonAlasdair Dawson
First time pass with only 1 df!
Jenny was great and I got a free Maccies! She kept me confident, she was patient and kind. I suffer from anxiety and she was really kind and accommodating. She made very sure I felt comfortable and safe throughout. She was really communicative and booking lessons in was made really easy.

Naomi HarrisNaomi Harris
Early morning pass!
Jenny is a very lovely instructor who is always patient, even when I get things wrong.

Riley SirlRiley Sirl
Another first time pass!
Jenny is a great instructor, she was great at teaching me and was fun to talk to.

Hannah Milne-DunnHannah Milne-Dunn
First time pass with only 3 dfs
Jenny is fantastic at relaying information and showing diagrams if you're not 100%. She went through my habits from over the years and brushed them away. She built my confidence up with my parking and encouraged me to believe in myself.

Ben HallBen Hall
First time pass with only 2 dfs!
Thanks to Jenny and LDC, I have passed my driving test first time. The LDC workbook has helped me to see what I needed to work towards, as well as helping me to remember the 'show me, tell me' questions. A massive thank you to my instructor, Jenny, as she helped me every step of the way. I couldn't have done it without her.

Gloria WoolrichGloria Woolrich
First time pass with 4 dfs!
Jenny has been a pleasure as an instructor throughout. Very patient, well prepared and always positive about the mistakes I've made. I really have learnt a lot with her! Thank you!!

Amy ChantAmy Chant
Pass with only 3 dfs!
Jenny was amazing, very good at explaining everything, and the LDC workbook was very helpful for preparing for my theory and driving tests.

Bella GarwoodBella Garwood
Early morning pass!
Jenny has been the most amazing instructor, she is supportive, kind and has made the whole experience truly enjoyable. I feel like I am truly prepared for driving now and will actually miss having Jenny in the car! I would 100% recommend her, and am super grateful!

Fay ChantFay Chant
First time pass with only 3 dfs
Jenny is very patient and prepared me very well ready for my test today. The LDC workbook was helpful too, especially when learning the show me, tell me questions.

Robert ChittyRobert Chitty
First time pass with 4 dfs!
Fantastic pace of lessons with well thought out detail, I would highly recommend to my friends and family.

John EggletonJohn Eggleton
First time pass with 4 dfs!
Jenny is an amazing teacher and is very patient. She teaches in such a way that is easily understandable by breaking the lessons down and brainstorming. We talk about how I can improve and different ways to do things. I would highly recommend her to anyone, thank you Jenny.

Alfie BlatchAlfie Blatch
First time pass with only 3 df's
Very good instructor who takes the time to talk you through various manoeuvres, speed limits on different roads and everything else. Helped me to pass first time with only 3 driving faults.

Oliver LorenzOliver Lorenz
Pass with only 3 dfs!
A very positive and helpful instructor, with firm and concise instruction. A laugh, smiley and very easy to get on with. Polite and overall very helpful, would recommend.

Kieran SpiersKieran Spiers
First time pass with 4 dfs!
I've found LDC Driving School very beneficial. Jenny has been incredibly patient with me throughout my learning. She has been very flexible in trying to ensure we can fit lessons around my busy schedule and it's been an absolute pleasure learning with her. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone wishing to learn or for refresher lessons, as I plan to do in the future.

Phoebe LemonPhoebe Lemon
First time pass with only 3 dfs
Jenny was amazing and knowledgeable, I'm going to miss lessons with her. Great to chat to and a confidence booster!

Lewis ColeLewis Cole
First time pass with only 3 df's
Lewis was a pleasure to teach and a quick learner due to his experience on a motorbike, but he can now have a safer time on the roads in winter due to buying his first car after passing first time with just a few faults!

Oliver WheatleyOliver Wheatley
First time pass with 4 dfs!
"Very nice instructor, really calm and helped a lot" Ollie was feeling the pressure from work to pass but remained calm and collected on test day - and he nailed it!

Phoebe MackayPhoebe Mackay
First time pass with only 3 df's
Jenny does a good job at explaining how to do things and is very patient, she did well with my sassiness and calms nerves by being able to have a laugh!

Harry WebbHarry Webb
First time pass with only 1 df
Jenny is a great, balanced instructor who definitely helped get rid of bad habits I had built up by riding motorbikes. Very intuitive lessons and teaching style, with great lesson structure. She was assertive when telling you how to improve. If my friends hadn't already passed, I'd recommend her to them.